Leave The Job Of Mold Removal To Professionals

You should have inspected the used property you purchased in Houston before signing the agreement between vendor and purchaser. Had you done so, you would have found that it was infested with molds in many locations. However, since you have already purchased the property, it is time to remove the molds and spruce up your new home.

What are molds?
Molds are microscopic fungi that thrive on plants as well as animals. They are a part of the environment and you can find them both outdoors and indoors. Also known as mildew or fungi, molds come in several colors such as black, white, green, pink, and brown. Although molds play a vital role in our environment by breaking down organic material and digesting them, we do not want their presence in our house, as they are allergic and can trigger asthma attacks, allergies, headaches, and rashes. Therefore, you should remove any visible traces of molds from your house to keep it healthy. For the uninitiated, certain varieties of molds produce toxic substances known as mycotoxins.

Where does mold grow?
As molds thrive in damp and warm places, you should search for them in basements and bathrooms. You can also find them on carpets if it was left in a wet condition (think pet pee or spillovers of liquids like coffee) over an extended period. If the walls of your house are damp, due to leakage of concealed water pipes, they too are an ideal breeding place for molds.

They target washing machines
These nuisances also invade your washing machine, especially the front loading ones. These machines have airtight and watertight doors, which are sealed by a rubber gasket. This gasket traps moisture inside the machine and provides ideal crannies and nooks for molds to grow. You can remove molds from washing machines by regularly cleaning its gasket with a dry rag. Do not forget to wipe the water from the base of the machine. You should also clean the detergent dispensers. Leave the door of the machine open for some time to allow it to dry.

Removing mold from carpets
Apart from the methods described above, mold spores, floating in the air, land on your carpet, causing the growth of molds in the carpet. You might not be able to view it, as it requires a professional eye to spot such growths. You should inspect the back side of the carpet for mold growth. Once you have identified them, eradicate them by soaking a rag into a solution containing five parts of water and one part hydrogen peroxide, by volume, and pressing the rag on the affected areas, working from the inside towards the outside. Let the carpet dry. Follow the same process for cleaning mold infected upholstery and clothes.

Drying the carpet
If your room contains an air conditioner, switch it on, as air conditioners, apart from cooling the room, also remove moisture from it. You should be extremely careful while carrying out the cleaning process, especially if you are cleaning Persian carpets, as they contain water-soluble colors, which can bleed from one colored area to the other, damaging the carpet permanently. If possible, lift the carpet from the floor and put it on two tables to boost the drying process. The best option for Houston residents is to contact a mold removal specialist such as https://precisionmoldremoval.com/houston/ whose specialists, armed with special gadgets, will remove all traces of fungi from your precious carpet without damaging it.

Removing molds from walls
Make a solution of one part of water and one part of bleach (this contains active chlorine) and pour the mixture into a sprayer bottle. Spray the affected areas with this solution and leave it for 10 minutes, following which scrub the affected area with a soft sponge. Now fill the spray bottle with water, rinse the cleaned area, and finally dry it with a clean towel. You should be very careful during the scrubbing process. Do not apply too much pressure as this can damage the painted surface. Keeping the walls of your home dry by using gadgets like dehumidifiers plays a huge role in preventing molds from getting a stronghold. Why do you not get in touch with the experts at precisionmoldremoval.com and seek their help in removing molds from your home and ensuring that they never surface again?

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